PEM Overview

PEM® systems provide a revolutionary way of dealing with two very pressing problems faced by today’s society: creating clean, renewable energy and waste treatment and disposal. InEnTec views the PEM system as superior to competing methods of waste treatment and disposal, based on its economic and environmental advantages and potential to be used across a wide variety of applications, including distributed power generation and transportation fuels production.  These advantages can provide:

  • Lower waste processing costs for the customer.
  • Optional on-site power generation.
  • Greater recycling of waste materials into commercial products, creating valuable secondary revenue streams.
  • Environmentally responsible operations, including reduced Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions and eliminated future liability for the waste.

Traditional treatment methods do not share these benefits.  With an increased focus on environmentally responsible, economically advantageous ways of dealing with waste disposal, customers around the world seeking waste treatment services are turning more readily to new methods for managing waste.  InEnTec’s PEM system is the best available option.

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