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Today’s Waste … Tomorrow’s Fuel


InEnTec’s patented Plasma Enhanced Melter® (PEM®) technology solves two of the world’s most perplexing challenges: disposing of the millions of tons of waste produced each day in a safe, environmentally-responsible manner and producing clean fuels. PEM technology can transform virtually any waste—municipal, industrial, medical and hazardous waste—into clean fuels, electricity and industrial products. With no combustion or incineration the PEM is environmentally beneficial—no air, water or ground pollution. PEM technology is commercially proven, efficient, cost-effective, offering a clean path to a sustainable future.


The PEM Process

InEnTec’s Plasma Enhanced Melter breaks materials apart into their elemental components (such as hydrogen, carbon, and oxygen) and then transforms those elements into synthesis gas (syngas), one of the basic building blocks of the chemical and energy industries. Syngas can be further processed to meet specific customer requirements. Any waste not converted into syngas gets turned into Synglass material, which has many industrial uses. More

Greener and Safer

The PEM process is superior to competing methods of waste treatment and disposal, based on its economic and environmental advantages. PEM can used across a wide variety of applications, including distributed power generation and transportation fuels production.  More

Proven Technology

In 1996 InEnTec constructed the first PEM facility at its Technology Center in Richland, Washington.  The system began operations in April 1997 and remains in use today for client demonstrations, treatability studies on new or customer-specific feedstocks, research and development of operating parameters and equipment upgrades. InEnTec has been building PEMs ever since.  More